Quick, Delicious Meals and a FREE Beef Rebate


As the end of the school year starts to get a little hectic, I find myself almost too exhausted to think too hard about dinner.  However, with a growing ten year old boy, getting out of making dinner is just not an option.  It’s during these times I look for something super easy and quick to prepare.  Dinner on the table in about 15 minutes?  Done, thanks to Hamburger … [Read more...]

The Post I Didn’t Want to Write


It’s been a rough couple of weeks around our little home.  My daddy passed away on March 31.  He was diagnosed a few years ago with Myelodysplasia which progressed to leukemia in the last few months.  He never let on to just about anyone that he was sick and most people were very shocked to learn of his passing.  One thing I can say is that he was very tough … [Read more...]

FREE Home Spring Cleaning Checklist Printables


Hopefully wherever you live you are finally seeing the promising signs of Spring.  Here in the south, the days are really starting to feel a little more like summer weather, but I’ll definitely take it over the dreary winter we had.  I’m excited about a fresh new season and with that comes my annual spring cleaning spree.  This is usually when I get really into those cleaning … [Read more...]

Berry Yogurt Crunch Recipe – SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Packets #SWEETSWAPS ™


This post is part of the SPLENDA®  Brand Sweet Life Blogger Program by McNeil Nutritional, LLC and The Motherhood, who sent me products and compensated me for my time.  Opinions, experiences, and photos shared here are my own, and I hope you enjoy them. Spring is finally here and if you’re as excited as me about being able to get out and enjoy yourself a little more while … [Read more...]

5 Travel Apps for Adults


Traveling can be exciting, especially when you’re headed off to explore a new destination. Even if you’re making a familiar trip, you can still find the best restaurants, hotels, directions and more thanks to some amazing travel apps. If you are interested in saving time and money on your next road trip, consider trying out some of these apps: The Weather Channel - … [Read more...]

Reading Games on the Go


It's very exciting when your child starts learning how to read.  Suddenly, they can recognize letters and start putting together words and happily spell and sound them out to you whenever they can.  Signs are everywhere and learning to read and recognize environmental print is very important for children.  The next time you're in the car, try out one of these … [Read more...]

Vehicle Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips


Springtime is here and chances are your vehicle has probably taken a beating inside and out this winter.   Snow and everyday dirt and grime from the road tends to cake on and layer during the winter and the weather just isn't very cooperative when it comes to giving your vehicle the cleaning it really needs during the colder months.   Now that warmer weather … [Read more...]

6 Useful Vehicle Accessories


  If you spend a good amount of time on the road traveling for work or pleasure, you might find yourself wishing your vehicle came with a few more items that would come in handy for making road trips a little more comfortable or easier.  Today there are a wide variety of fun vehicle accessories to meet just about any need you might have while traveling. Car Trash … [Read more...]

5 Fun Travel Apps for Kids


If you're heading out on a long road trip with kids, it can be hard to find activities to keep them from becoming bored and restless along the way, especially the younger your child is.  Just as grown-ups take books, music, and other things to help them pass the time on a long trip, kids need something to help them pass the time as well.  Educational apps can be a great way for … [Read more...]

10 Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Recipes


Shepherd’s Pie.  Guinness Beef Stew.  Irish Soda Bread.  Is your mouth watering yet?  In this roundup there are 10 fabulous St. Patrick’s Day dinner recipes to please the whole family.  if you’re looking to infuse a little taste of the Irish into your meals, these are the perfect recipes.  Pair them up with a St. Patrick’s Day dessert and you’ll … [Read more...]