Fat! Naked! Mamas!

So if you came to this post looking for fat naked mamas, I’m so sorry. I’m just fresh out of them today.

But seriously? It cracks me up when I check my stats to see exactly how people find my blog and what amazes me are that the majority of people not purposely looking for my blog end up here because they are looking for pictures of fat naked moms. And why might that be? Because of this post, where I did a giveaway for Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita Mix, which is some amazing stuff if you love margaritas, by the way.

I’ve also noticed lots of visitors looking for pimped out ice cream trucks. Lucky for them I have one right here.

I also saw that someone came to my blog today looking for the best jeans for an upside down butt, and frankly I’m stumped. I know my butt isn’t upside down and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell you what to do for that.

In conclusion, this post has no real purpose. I have so much to blog about but have been trying to put my house back together after our staycation this past week and getting back into the groove of going to work. But the stats today? They just amused me too much to let the opportunity for this post to pass.

Have you ever noticed people coming to your blog by searching for weird things? Do share! I always love a good laugh!
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  1. Kelli says

    That's hilarious!!! I love checking my tracker also…I've seen some very funny searches on it! People so crazy!

  2. Llama Momma says


    My all time favorite google search for my blog? "My husband drives a truck what the hell am I going to feed these kids for dinner"

    I am not making this up.

  3. Nap Warden says

    I get a lot of folks coming with Sex and the City wedding dress. I did a post once about SJP's dress in the movie. Kinda cracks me up that folks still Google it:)

  4. Mommy Cracked says

    I swear I'm only using Stat Counter. LOL! Google Analytics is great for this, too.

    These are hilarious! Y'all keep them coming!

  5. Don Mills Diva says

    Because I have often written about how much I loved my mother-in-law I get all kinds of search hits from people googling stuff about having affairs with their MILs. Some of them are really raunchy and creepy. Ick.

  6. Snow Mommy says

    I get everyone who is searching for flagellated sperm….seriously. I did a post about my biology homework and now I get people searching for that one weekly!

  7. Dee says

    I just checked my Google webmaster tools and found these queries:

    1) many wonderful free childrens

    2) open me first

    3) a sharp intake of breath

    And no I don't have free kids all wrapped up in packages.

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