Lego Cake

Once E.B. decided he wanted to have a Lego-themed birthday party, I was too excited because I couldn’t wait for our “cake lady” to make his Lego cake.  I just knew it would be cute.  This woman had made my birthday cakes when I was little and every one for E.B. up until this point.  Since we’ve been super swamped at work, I got my mom to make the phone call to get the cake lined up.  And?  Horror of horrors, our “cake lady” wasn’t available to do it. 

Oh. Em. Gee.

Thankfully, Facebook came to the rescue.  I simply asked if anyone knew someone who did amazing cakes and I received more suggestions than I knew what to do with.  I just love that about Facebook.  It’s like a 24-hour self-help line or something. After I gathered a list of potential cake-a-teers (yes, I made that word up) I investigated their work and settled on a lady I had never laid eyes on before.  And I am so glad I did.  Not only was she super nice, but she did this:


For my baby.  I cannot clearly convey the excitement that she brought to my child’s face when he first saw his Lego cake.  I nearly cried myself.  It was just perfect.  The Lego blocks are made from Rice Krispy Treats and they were a huge hit with the adults at the party.

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    How AWEsome! My son is a huge Lego fan. I wish I was talented “cake-a-teer”, so I could make a Lego cake for my son on his next birthday.

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