Weatheready Compact Rechargeable LED Light

With hurricane season quickly approaching, having a plan in place before it becomes necessary is very important if you live anywhere near coastal waters.  Although where I live is about a 4 hour drive from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, even our town in Northwest Mississippi was affected by Hurricane Katrina.  We had damaging winds and power outages, but it was nothing compared to what our coastal neighbors endured.  Since then, I always take any storm warning more seriously. 

A flashlight is one of the most important items you can have in your emergency preparedness kit.  However, with an adventurous little boy in the house, our flashlights always seemed to find their way into his little hands to play with.  I’ve been sorry more than once during the night when we have lost power and I had nothing but the light from my cell phone to help while I fumbled around for candles.  While candles will do in a pinch, they’re not the safest mode of light because of the risk of fire.

The Energizer Weatheready Compact Rechargeable LED Light has been a reassuring addition to our home.  The flashlight simply plugs into an outlet and remains charged until you need to use it.  The amazing thing about this flashlight is that when the electricity goes off, the light immediately comes on while it’s plugged in so you can easily find it.  I’ve plugged ours in an outlet right beside our bed so it will be readily available when we need it.  It definitely makes me feel a little more confident should an emergency occur.

LED flashlight


*  Three bright white LEDs

*  Recharges hundreds of times with embedded NiMH battery

*  Turns on when the power goes out

*  2 mode slide switch, high and low

*  MSRP: $15.99


–  Develop a family plan so that everyone knows what to do in weather emergencies

–  Know where you will go

–  Secure your home whenever you have time to prepare

–  Have a pet plan to ensure the well-being of your animals

For more tips on preparing for weather emergencies, please visit FEMA and also consider adding the Energizer Weatheready Compact Rechargeable LED flashlight to your emergency kit.

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