There’s A Bump. On My eyeball.

bump on eyeball


Say hello to my little friend.  Yes, I have a bump on my eyeball.  I noticed it last weekend and actually went to the ophthalmologist that following Monday and he told me it was a cyst caused from a clogged tear duct.  He then put some medicine in my eye to deaden it and removed a layer of this cyst.  I never felt a thing. However, do you know how difficult it is not to blink and freak out when someone is coming dead at your eyeball with a sharp instrument?  Fun times.

Well.  It seems to be growing back.  Or something.  And I have to say, it looks disgusting and I’m tired of looking like I’ve been up for three days straight with bloodshot eyes.  I’m assuming another trip back to the doctor is in order.  I keep hoping one of these mornings I will wake up and it will be improving.

Naturally, before I headed off to the eye doctor last week I Googled my symptoms, just for fun, and Dr. Google told me I had a pterygium (which I cannot even pronounce), a small bump on the eyeball caused by exposure to sun and dust.  I haven’t been exposing myself to much of either, so I feared it was something more serious.  But, apparently it’s a cyst.  A harmless, disgusting-looking cyst.  And this picture really does not do it justice.

I’m thinking at this point, should I give it a name?

(My apologies for the unkempt eyebrows…I have an appointment this week.  Promise.)


To see an update on my eye (3 months later) click here.

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  1. Julie says

    Whatever become of the bumps? If they’ve been treated effectively, can you pls share the remedy? I have about 3-4 of them and so far nothing they’ve given me has helped. Thx!

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