Guest Post: Tips For Work At Home Moms


Having to look after and care for your children while working at the same time can be hard. Not only do you miss out seeing them for half the day, but if you need to get a babysitter on a regular basis, it can also become expensive. However, if you already work from home or have the chance to work from home, there are a few errors to avoid so that you can still work properly and manage your kids. The following list is not a complete list but should help you get started:

  1. Childcare shouldn’t be a no-go. If your work is really demanding and requires a lot of focus, then turning to childcare shouldn’t be ignored. By sending your child to daycare they will be kept active and will learn important social skills and it will be very educational for them.
  2. Home Office. Sounds apparent but if given the opportunity to work from home you need a desk and chair as the bare minimum, but you can at least try and be comfortable! Working from home gives you the chance to have a desk and chair combo that you want and will be able to work from. Use sites like eBay in partnership with shipping sites you can find cheap couriers (handy hint you can try using the courier services of uShip).
  3. Get the kids to work for you- If possible, you should try and involve your children in your work. Explain what you do, and let your child take part in what you do and help you out. Through doing this they will in the end form an understanding and appreciation of your work and want you to work by leaving you in peace.
  4. Make use of naptimes. Get the most vital work done when the house is quiet because your children are asleep. Try to work right through nap times. You can also get a significant amount done if you wake up an hour before your kids and work then or if the idea of waking up early sounds too painful, work for an hour or two after their bedtime.
  5. Call for reinforcements. It really helps to have a helpful partner. My wife is an elementary school teacher, so she needs to do a lot of homework herself (pardon the pun), so we take turns working at the computer while the other looks after the children. Alternatively take the kids outside, or take them to a park, or read to them, while your spouse does some work.

This is a sponsored guest post by Amar Patel.

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