Million Mile Driver

I’m a little overdue posting this, but in April, my husband received his Million Mile driver award.  My husband is a truck driver and he has worked for the same company for 12 years.  In those 12 years, he has driven over a million miles accident free.  He didn’t have to attend the banquet to receive this award, but we decided this was a huge honor, so we packed up the car and made a little overnight trip.

Because free hotel room?  Yes, please!



Anytime this mama doesn’t have to cook a meal or make a bed is 1000% OK in my book!  Ha!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal before the ceremony got started and then my husband was one of a few drivers presented with honors.  My husband’s dispatcher presented his award and made it extra special by calling our son up to the stage as she presented it.  It was at that point my husband got a *little* emotional. 





He also got a special sticker to put on his truck.  He took great pains to put that on in just the right spot!


I’m so proud of my husband.  He has made so many sacrifices for our family, and he absolutely deserved this.  I’m so glad we could be there for him.

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