Reading Fair Projects 2013

This year our school’s reading fair sort of ran right smack into the holiday season, so I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and recap it until now.  This was a real learning experience for me because this is the first time I have had so much participation from the students.  This was done on a much larger scale than I was used to at my previous school, and other than knowing for a fact I won’t be waiting until close to the holidays again to hold it, it really did go great and I have to send a HUGE thank you out to my co-workers, our school IB coordinator, and my principal for helping me in so many ways, from providing snacks for the judges to offering up advice and being helpful when I know sometimes this was a little extra work for the teachers, too.  I work with some incredible people and I am so grateful for that.  My kids also turned in some awesome reading fair projects that left me amazed at their creativity and so proud of them.

On to the projects….

I snapped a few pictures of the great projects our kids entered.  Some of these were family projects and some individual.  Our school is K-2nd grade, so our judges were really looking for evidence that the children had some hand in creating these and that they could articulate their understanding of the story they chose as well.  In the past when I have posted these, I have heard from people who snidely remarked about how you could tell the parents did everything.  That may have been true in some cases, so that’s why I wanted to emphasize that, although these projects came from the early elementary level, the kids really did have to present them well in order to place.

reading fair projects

reading fair crabby gabby

WP_20131206_09_56_03_Pro (4)

WP_20131206_09_21_32_Pro (1)

WP_20131206_09_18_21_Pro (9)

WP_20131206_09_14_25_Pro (1)

WP_20131206_09_12_32_Pro (1)


WP_20131206_09_21_43_Pro (9)

WP_20131206_09_29_24_Pro (6)

I do have some handouts about how to do the reading fair that I want to share and I promise I will get those up real soon.  I’m fine-tuning some of those to better serve our students next time.

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