Do doTERRA Essential Oils Work?

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You’ve probably heard the hype on essential oils being the natural cure-all for just about anything that might ail you.  I’ve read enough convincing things online about doTERRA Essential Oils that I wanted so badly to buy a kit.  However, if you’ve checked the prices on these essential oils it may have left you with a little sticker shock.  Most of the oils cost around $20- $30 a bottle.  If you’d like to try several of the oils, the cost can quickly add up.

Making the Investment

A family member recently let me try one of her doTERRA oils and the result was so immediate and convincing, I decided right then and there to purchase my own doTERRA Family Physician Kit. I figured it would be nice to have a kit on hand because the oils and oil blends inside cover a multitude of uses.  This kit comes with: Lavender, Lemmon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Deep Blue, Breathe, Digestzen, Frankincense, and On Guard.  It also came with an informational CD

So far, I’ve only had use for a handful of these oils.  Still, purchasing them individually would have added up to the cost of the kit without getting the rest of the oils, so I do feel that purchasing the kit was the better value.  I may have a use for the others in the future anyway.

What I’m Using Regularly

Lavender–  I rubbed this on the bottom of my feet and experienced the best nap ever one day.  I don’t use this often enough, and I should.  Lavender has a calming effect and it’s also supposed to be good for calming skin irritations.

Breathe–  I relied heavily on this oil blend recently when I had a bout with a sinus infection.  I applied this to my chest and it really helped me breathe better.  It can also be added to a diffuser, but I didn’t try this.

DigestZen – This is the oil blend that really blew me away.  I get extremely bloated after eating just about anything and feel uncomfortably full.  Rubbing this oil blend on my stomach brought relief to those digestive issues and I swear by it.

Deep Blue–  This blend is for soothing tired, aching joints and muscles.  When I had a headache the other day, I used this on my neck area and it felt great.  I really feel like this is one of the oil blends I will be using a great deal, also.

Peppermint–  I used this on my forehead, along with the Deep Blue for headache relief.  It smells great and I do feel like it brought a little relief.  However, doTERRA also has a special blend called doTerra PastTense Essential Oil Blend Roll On
that is specifically blended for headache relief, so I am anxious to try that.

Frankincense–  I’ve been putting a drop of this into my facial moisturizer at night.  Honestly, the smell is very overwhelming.  It only takes a tiny, tiny amount of this oil.  I found this out the hard way one night.  However, I love how soft my face feels and I think my skin looks a little more radiant.

Final Thoughts

I can absolutely vouch for the doTERRA oils and oil blends I listed above.  I would definitely buy them again and I do feel that they were worth the money.  Perhaps when I use the others in the kit I can say the same for them.  I am not an expert on essential oils and these are the only oils I have ever tried for topical and natural relief, but I’m glad I made the investment.   I don’t regret the money I spent, but in the future I will probably only buy them individually so I can tailor them to my individual needs and those of my family.   If you’re interested in taking a more natural approach to your everyday health needs, you just might be surprised how oils can help you achieve this.

I purchased this kit on my own and was not compensated or asked to do this product review by doTERRA.  Opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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