Back to School- Teaching Your Kids Kindness & Acceptance with Netflix #StreamTeam


  If there is one value I have tried to instill in my son, it’s that he should always be kind.  Growing up in a culture where being cruel is often thought of as funny and cool, I want my son to know the difference and be accepting of others, no matter what their differences […]

Avoid the Summer Brain Drain With Netflix #StreamTeam


  School may be out for summer, but that’s no excuse to let the learning stop.  Along with his summer reading assignments, our son is also learning more about the world around him by watching some really cool shows on Netflix.  So far, his favorite has been When We Left Earth, which explores the various […]

Summer Reading Fun with “Moo-dy Summer Mania” and Borden Dairy


Hands down, one of the most popular children’s book series that flies off of the shelves in my library is Judy Moody by Megan McDonald. The Judy Moody book series, targeted at 6-9 year olds, is written about a feisty and independent-minded girl who finds herself in fun and adventurous scenarios in each individual book […]

School Lunch Planning Made Easy with MOMables (Review & Giveaway)


When I was growing up, I felt super special when my mom packed a lunch for me.  Not that our school cafeteria didn’t serve great meals, but there was just something about my mom packing my lunch in my little Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox that made that part of the day so much better.  Naturally, when […]

While You Were At Camp


What’s it like for a mom to have five whole days to herself with no kid around because the kid is at a day camp for the first time?  Allow me to share how my week has been. Monday-  I walked my son in to camp and promptly found his group leader.  I deposited his […]

Do doTERRA Essential Oils Work?


You’ve probably heard the hype on essential oils being the natural cure-all for just about anything that might ail you.  I’ve read enough convincing things online about doTERRA Essential Oils that I wanted so badly to buy a kit.  However, if you’ve checked the prices on these essential oils it may have left you with […]

4 Things That Kill Blogging Productivity


For a few months now, I’ve struggled with balancing blogging with my other life responsibilities.  I’ve had a full plate this past year with work, family, and taking classes to renew my teaching license.  I can’t tell you how many times that when I’ve actually had the  time to sit down and blog, I end […]