I Obviously Forgot To Read This Chapter, Too.

Some things in parenting you just have to learn by doing, like when we learned about colic and reflux, and I cannot express in words how much fun we had with that when E.B. was brand new. I always skipped that part of the baby preparedness books because I wanted to get to the fun […]

The Biggest "Bug" E.B. Ever Saw

I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was dead. But aren’t its colors exquisite?

A Day In The Life of Clyde

Ahhhh…the weather is beautiful. Hot, sunny…just the way I likes it. I think I’ll just lay here in the grass and dream of tuna fish. Ahhhh. I have THE BEST LIFE. Free room and board, freedom to roam, free food. And naps. Don’t forget the naps. Wait a minute. Wait. Just. A. Minute. I thought […]

Bloggy Giveaway

It’s THAT time again! Bloggy Giveaways is holding another HUGE reader giveaway carnival and this is what I’m offering to one lucky winner! 30 personalized calling cards for your child or you (she does mommy cards, too!) from The Sign and Stationary Station. I’ve ordered these for my son and they turned out TOO cute! […]

My Week, Day By Day

So this is pretty much how my week went: Sunday- VBS kicks off. I have 16 kids in my class. EB does exceptionally well as far as not freaking out because OH MY GOD MOMMY IS NOT WITH ME AND I AM IN MY OWN CLASS!!!!! Monday- EB starts to freak at VBS. I’m tired. […]

The One Where I Apologize

Mommy Cracked would like to take a moment and apologize to her readers and any guests for her lack of posting this week. Mommy Cracked is burning the candle at both ends and she will be unavailable to properly respond to comments and visit blogs until probably Saturday. Imagine, Mommy Cracked actually having a life […]

Mad Scientists For Jesus

We’re up to our ears in Vacation Bible School this week. The theme for this year is Power Lab and the kids are having way too much fun making slime and alien headgear. I volunteered to teach the 3rd and 4th grade this year and had 16 kids in class tonight. It was wild. I […]