I Got Schooled

Tonight at registration and new parent orientation I had my very first taste of what having a child in school means. I was nervous going in because although I used to be a teacher, being on the other side of this starting school thing is very foreign to me. I thought I’d breeze in there […]

This Little Piggy Went A’ Bloggin’

Are you feeling the crunch of rising fuel and grocery costs? Just feeling down in the dumps or facing some serious issues? Kristin at Motherhood Uncensored has come up with a truly brilliant way that we bloggers can help one another out through the lean financial, emotional, and physical times. Blog The Recession, people!! Kristin […]

Sunday Best

I’m still missing my blog roll, but read somewhere that Blogger might have these issues fixed really soon, so I’m trying to be very patient. And it only got up to 102 degrees here yesterday. Apparently I can’t find my “amused” button and the heat makes me super cranky. No relief from the heat in […]

I Obviously Forgot To Read This Chapter, Too.

Some things in parenting you just have to learn by doing, like when we learned about colic and reflux, and I cannot express in words how much fun we had with that when E.B. was brand new. I always skipped that part of the baby preparedness books because I wanted to get to the fun […]

The Biggest "Bug" E.B. Ever Saw

I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was dead. But aren’t its colors exquisite?

A Day In The Life of Clyde


Ahhhh…the weather is beautiful. Hot, sunny…just the way I likes it. I think I’ll just lay here in the grass and dream of tuna fish. Ahhhh. I have THE BEST LIFE. Free room and board, freedom to roam, free food. And naps. Don’t forget the naps. Wait a minute. Wait. Just. A. Minute. I thought […]

Bloggy Giveaway

It’s THAT time again! Bloggy Giveaways is holding another HUGE reader giveaway carnival and this is what I’m offering to one lucky winner! 30 personalized calling cards for your child or you (she does mommy cards, too!) from The Sign and Stationary Station. I’ve ordered these for my son and they turned out TOO cute! […]