You’ve Got Questions…Installment 1

I’m so glad you actually had some questions for me. I was afraid I might hear crickets chirping in that last blog post. I’ve decided to take the first few questions I have so far and answer them in this post. If you have anymore questions to ask, see this post. JanMary asks: OK – […]

Because I’m Just Fresh Out Of Ideas

Is there anything you’ve just been dying to ask me? I sometimes read blogs where people send in questions and the blog author answers the questions in a post. My brain just can’t think anything original this week…too much other stuff to really think deeply. And answering your questions would be FUN. So, fire away. […]

Well THIS Made My Day!

I just got a blog award! Mommy Confessions has presented me with this ultra cool blogging award and I feel so honored. She has a terrific blog (I love the design) and she picked me as one of her five to give an award to. And I get to pass it on! Upon winning this […]

Pink Floaties

Yesterday afternoon E.B. and I attended a pool party for a freind’s daughter’s birthday. I was hesitant to take E.B. at all. He can be very hard to manage sometimes and Cracked Daddy wasn’t home. I just knew if I took him I would be chasing him everywhere and scared to death because this is […]

Sunday Best

What is “Sunday Best”? Links to some of the coolest posts I’ve read in the blogosphere all week. Check these out: In a blogging funk? Are you caught up in the Mommy Blogger “stuff”? The best cry I have had all week.

What Happens When You Refuse To Paint Your SON’S Toenails…

I’m pretty sure I’ve told y’all before how EB is fascinated with my “red toes” (red pained toenails). Everytime I’m doing the pedicure thing this kid gets MAD because I won’t paint his toenails, too. Cracked Daddy would have a coronary if I did that, but we won’t tell him about the time I painted […]

And Another Thing…

If you read here regularly you probably recognize that I’ve changed my layout again, and I totally screwed up my blogroll in the process. If you’re not on there and you want to be, please leave me a comment in this post. Thanks! Love ya! BFF!!