It’s A Bird. It’s A Plane.

EB has a new “game”. He’s Superman. When it comes to his cape, any old red t-shirt will do. And he MUST have on his wading boots.It reminds me of one of my oldest friend’s baby brother…he also thought he was Superman and would use a red towel for his cape and he also wore […]

So We Went To The Coast

OK, so I warned you guys that our trip was super quick and that also means that every picture I took, except for a couple of these, was taken as our car whizzed by whatever it was down the highway. No time for pictures, no time for the beach….no time, period. Which is why these […]

Did You Miss Me?

Or did you even realize I wasn’t here this past weekend? My parents and EB and I made a super quick trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast this weekend to visit family. I do have a few pictures to share but will post them tomorrow because I am trying to get caught up on laundry […]

Popcorn. My Favorite! (And a Giveaway)

CONTEST HAS ENDED**********Congratulations to BlueViolet and Katie! I will be emailing you!I cannot adequately put into words how much I adore popcorn. I became addicted to it while pregnant with EB because it was one choice from a list of healthy snacks I could have while managing my gestational diabetes. I looked forward to my […]

The Pregnancy Journal

I was convinced when I was pregnant with EB that right then, I had it better than any woman who had ever been pregnant throughout history. I had excellent prenatal care, technology had advanced to where you could actually see your baby in 3D before it was even born and I had all the finest […]

Things You Won’t Find In MY Yard

Someday I’m going to grow a fabulous garden and have beautiful flowers growing in my yard. I don’t dare try this until EB is older and can understand why we don’t pull up mommy’s plants and flowers. But…here are a few photos of the pretty stuff growing in my parent’s yard.

Contemplating a Feat

As EB has grown from clumsy toddler into daring preschooler, I have become more and more convinced each day that he is part monkey. Case in point: My parents have a flag pole in their front yard:EB very seriously contemplates whether or not he can climb it:Yep, I think he’s going for it:Mmm hmm…there he […]