Wall-E Schmall-E

Last Saturday afternoon we took EB to see Wall-E. This was EB’s very first theater experience, so we were excited. OK, Cracked Daddy was excited…I was just nervous he was going to act a nut and disrupt people and then we’d have to leave and there goes $20-something dollars, not counting the cost of snacks. […]

I’m Over It

The blogging identity crisis, that is. I really, really, really, really, really a million times squared appreciate all the wonderful feedback you guys gave me. It was such a trivial question that you could have easily skipped on by, but you left me a comment and it warmed my little cracked heart. And I’m staying […]


Dear Bonnie, I don’t really blame you for climbing that tree Sunday afternoon. When I heard the neighbor’s HUGE dog let out a deafening “WOOF!”, I knew he had escaped his backyard. I also knew that you and Clyde were out enjoying the mosquitos, so I immediately panicked and went looking for ya’ll. Your brother […]

A Blogger’s Identity Crisis.

I’ve been thinking way too much lately about the fact that there are several hundred blogs with the title “Mommy” in them. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I like to be different. Or is it difficult? Anyway….I was thinking I wanted a catchier blog title…something that could sum me up in […]

Sunday Best

So You Want To Grow A Garden? Dishpan Dribble can help get you started. Don Mills Diva makes good on a promise. June Cleaver Nirvana’s kids have designed the next big kids shoe. Really Bad Hair Day wants to know your freedom story.

How We Spent The Fourth

We spent the day of the Fourth at my parent’s house. Mom had some beautiful, fun little paper lanterns hanging on their front porch: Old Glory was flying at several houses on their street:We ate barbeque, played in E,B.’s pool, and just enjoyed the afternoon. Then we all took naps. Later that night we went […]

The Jumpolene Is A Huge Hit!

This thing is way bigger than I anticipated and 100 plastic balls just isn’t going to be enough I don’t think. But he LOVES it.