Easy Cheesy Mozzarella Tomato Snack


What I am about to share with you is the easiest snack I’ve ever made from scratch.  Well, ok, so I didn’t make my own cheese and grow my own tomatoes, but besides all that, I did this myself with some pretty fresh ingredients.  I think two of my co-workers in particular would be proud.  One always gets on to me for the chips I like to eat at school and the other nearly catches … [Read more...]

5 Items to Always Keep In Your Vehicle


If you live where the winter weather is harsh, you may know all too well that traveling snowy and icy roads can be treacherous. Being trapped on the road in the middle of a blizzard or snowstorm can be a dangerous thing, especially when help is slow to come. While you might have already prepared your vehicle by checking tires and gassing it up, you also need to make sure you … [Read more...]

Walking In a Winter Wonderland


Well it’s been an interesting week in our little part of Mississippi, to say the least.  We only get a good snow every few years and the forecast called for up to 5 inches on Wednesday, which is a lot for our part of the country.  On Monday, the sleet started falling around lunch time in earnest, so school was let out early.  To say both the grown-ups and kids were excited … [Read more...]

Fight Winter Skin Dryness with Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion & Giveaway


It’s been a tough winter so far all across the US and even though I live down south in Mississippi, my skin is so dry!  I am also a constant hand-washer since I work in a school, so while that may help me keep away the germs, it also just adds to the problem.  The skin on my hands is cracked and red.  To be honest, winter can be downright painful!  Vaseline Intensive Care has a … [Read more...]

DK FindOut!- The Free Online Encyclopedia for Kids & Giveaway


As a children’s librarian, I am always on the hunt for cool research tools specifically aimed for kids.  Of great importance is that these online resources be kid friendly with lots of beautiful graphics to hold their attention while actually helping them learn, but the most important thing is that these online resources are safe for little eyes.  Even doing a search for the … [Read more...]

Writing The Rest of Your Story #StreamTeam


I’m sure you probably remember the fairy tales of Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood.  As a young child these were a few of my very favorite stories to hear at bedtime.  Thanks to Netflix, now you can find out the rest of the story with the new original special Ever After High: Spring Unsprung, which premiers this month.  That’s right, the children of your … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Books Kids Will Love


Seasonal picture books can be a fabulous break from the norm when it comes to bedtime stories or what your child might be reading in school.  I look forward to the different holidays because it allows me to introduce my students and my own child to some great selections to get us in the spirit of the season.  With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought it would be great to … [Read more...]

25 Perfect Pistachio Desserts Recipe Roundup


You may already know that pistachios are an excellent heart-healthy snack, but they’re also a very versatile nut when it comes to cooking.  Added into ice cream, cakes, cookies, or pies, you really can’t go wrong with any recipe that calls for pistachios.  If you’re looking for a dessert with a little something different, check out these 25 Perfect Pistachio Desserts … [Read more...]

14 Valentine’s Day Cupcakes


I’m not here to knock store-bought cupcakes at all, because Lord knows they have helped this busy mama out in a pinch more times than I can count, but my favorite cupcake, hand’s down, is one freshly baked at home.  If you are looking for some delicious Valentine’s Day cupcake ideas this year, check out these 14 cupcake recipes to help make your February 14th just a little more … [Read more...]