Reading Fair 2013


This year our school’s reading fair sort of ran right smack into the holiday season, so I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and recap it until now.  This was a real learning experience for me because this is the first time I have had so much participation from the students.  This was […]



  Happy New Year!   I wish I could tell you I rang in the new year with some exciting, amazing party, but this is how it went down at our house: Subway sandwiches and watching cheesy New Years Eve countdowns on TV.  Speaking of which, I don’t know if I’m just showing my age or […]



E.B. has a cough and his voice became really hoarse on Christmas Day.  I started feeling yucky Friday after a trip to the store.  I’ve lived in Mississippi long enough to know that my self-diagnosis of The Delta Crud was happening, so yesterday E.B. and I headed off to the doctor.  We had a 2 […]

Instagram For Windows Phone= Yay For Me!


I know the “it” phone to have is an iPhone or an Android, but when it comes to cell phones, the Windows Phone has had my heart for over four years now and all the free iPhones in the world would never make me switch.  I have seriously been pleased with this phone, except for […]

Home-Ec Pizza


Back when I was in junior high school, we basically had four choices when it came to class electives.  Band (tried that and it didn’t stick), Art (I am sooo not artsy), Industrial Arts (which was basically a fancy name for “shop”, and none of the girls would be caught dead taking that), and Home […]

The Day After Christmas


Another Christmas holiday is in the books.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our family and Santa was very, very good to E.B.  So good, in fact, that  it’s almost impossible to tear him away from all of his gifts.  Especially his new computer and headset for the Xbox. Today I am tackling a mountain […]

Don’t Fear The Cleanup This Holiday Season- Get EASY-OFF® #easyoff


  I’m not much of a cook, but I do enjoy baking during the holidays.  I’m looking forward to spending time in the kitchen this holiday season baking the sweet holiday treats my family loves.  Before I do, there’s one chore I have to tackle, and that’s cleaning our oven. It amazes me how dirty […]