Pinterest Quotes- Adventure Edition


Seriously, what would life be without adventures? Sometimes they’re exhilerating, sometimes scary, but then when it’s all said and done, you realize what you could have missed out on had you not had the guts to throw caution to the wind and just go with the moment. Of course, not all decisions in life should […]

Pinterest Quotes- Sunday Inspiration


Sometimes, life is just plain old hard. It’s during those times I have to remember these verses: Source: Uploaded by user via Candace on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest And remember… Source: Uploaded by user via Mandy on Pinterest

Noise Filtering


At some point this past week, it struck me how “noisey” my life is. Of course, working in a school, that’s a given. But that’s obvious noise. So is the television…so is the radio in the car. The silent noise was what gave me pause, and mainly about the things I read online. The blogs […]

Your Wife Wants To WHAT??!!


My husband drives a truck and runs across some of the funniest signs ever.  Yesterday, he posted this gem he found while at a truck stop.  Apparently, these places have no shame in trying to get your business.  Or your wife’s.  Because?  “Your wife wants to tinkle here!”.  Definitely an attention-getter.

Cartoon Nail Art

It absolutely amazes me how intricate nail art can be. Although I could never get away with wearing these nail polish styles, I have to appreciate the detail that went into the painting. These would be some fun nail polish options for kids. Assuming you were artsy like that. PACMAN NAILS: Source: via Bo […]

Funny Keep Calm Posters

I love the very British Keep Calm and Carry On posters I’ve seen floating around the internet for a while now. Lately, I’ve been running across some funny Keep Calm posters on Pinterest. The Original Keep Calm and Carry On poster: Source: via Shakinah on Pinterest And then there are these…. Source: via […]

Pinterest Quotes- Deep Thoughts


I love all of the quotes I’m running across on Pinterest.  I have a board specifically dedicated to quotes and funny pictures and thought I’d share a few that have really had me thinking a little deeper. Source: via Kellie on Pinterest Source: via Mandy on Pinterest Source: via Mandy on Pinterest […]