Pinterest Quotes- Sunday Inspiration


Sometimes, life is just plain old hard. It’s during those times I have to remember these verses: Source: Candace on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest Source: via olives! on Pinterest And remember… Source: Mandy on Pinterest

Noise Filtering


At some point this past week, it struck me how “noisey” my life is. Of course, working in a school, that’s a given. But that’s obvious noise. So is the television…so is the radio in the car. The silent noise was what gave me pause, and mainly about the things I read online. The blogs […]

Your Wife Wants To WHAT??!!


My husband drives a truck and runs across some of the funniest signs ever.  Yesterday, he posted this gem he found while at a truck stop.  Apparently, these places have no shame in trying to get your business.  Or your wife’s.  Because?  “Your wife wants to tinkle here!”.  Definitely an attention-getter.

Cartoon Nail Art

It absolutely amazes me how intricate nail art can be. Although I could never get away with wearing these nail polish styles, I have to appreciate the detail that went into the painting. These would be some fun nail polish options for kids. Assuming you were artsy like that. PACMAN NAILS: Source: via Bo […]

Funny Keep Calm Posters

I love the very British Keep Calm and Carry On posters I’ve seen floating around the internet for a while now. Lately, I’ve been running across some funny Keep Calm posters on Pinterest. The Original Keep Calm and Carry On poster: Source: via Shakinah on Pinterest And then there are these…. Source: via […]

Pinterest Quotes- Deep Thoughts


I love all of the quotes I’m running across on Pinterest.  I have a board specifically dedicated to quotes and funny pictures and thought I’d share a few that have really had me thinking a little deeper. Source: via Kellie on Pinterest Source: via Mandy on Pinterest Source: via Mandy on Pinterest […]

When Facebook Meets Tragedy


  My family has suffered an incomprehensible loss this week, and if you are a regular reader, I do want to reassure you that I, my husband, and my son are fine in the physical sense. Emotionally, we are fragile. While I cannot share the details of what has happened, I could not let this […]