Spam. It’s Good For Your Ego.

no spam

Since moving to WordPress, one of the features I have been enjoying the most is the spam catcher for comments left here at my blog.  I wondered why I got so many spam comments since moving my blog to WordPress, but it's because I had a word verification in place for comments left on my blog when it was at Blogger.  At WordPress, each comment that it recognizes as spam is put … [Read more...]

It’s Just a Blog, Right?

writers block

Sometimes (and lately more often than not) I come to my "command" place on my blogging control panel, hit the "New Post" button and just sit and stare, just as I did for a good twenty minutes before beginning this post. I have a million things that cross my mind during the day that I want to post about, but by the time I have a chance to sit at my desk to blog, they've been … [Read more...]

*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

Well, I'm baaaackkkkk! Shan is just about finished up with getting me transferred over to Wordpress and all of my little last minute requests, so I thought I would see if anyone was still reading my blog. Haha! For my regular readers, am I showing up in your feed readers? If you receive my posts through email, are those still arriving? Everything look ok here? I'd love … [Read more...]


Just wanted to let my readers know that I'm in the process of having my blog switched to Wordpress, so if things seem a little out of sort in here for a day or so, please hang in there with me. … [Read more...]

Review Blogger Beware

It's very easy when you begin to do reviews on your blog to get sucked into the sheer fun of marveling at how companies send you free stuff just for trying a product out and blogging your opinion on it. I never could understand why so many more seasoned bloggers weren't doing reviews on their blogs, because I know it wasn't for lack of them getting daily pitches in their inbox. … [Read more...]

Blogging Is My Soul Food


I'd be willing to bet that almost any blogger has ever wondered if he or she was spending too much time on the computer. While blogging can be time consuming when you are really putting a whole lot of time into posts, reviews, and other blogging obligations, there is also Facebook and other social media sites vying for attention. I've never been much of a multi-tasker when it … [Read more...]

Social Media Overdose- Bloggers Rehab?

Does anyone remember the dinosaur days when blogging was so simple? You blogged, you read and commented at other blogs, and you *might* have gone to a blogging convention, but that was pretty much the extent of blogging. It was easy enough to keep up with your favorite blogs and people because you probably had them listed on your blog roll and, at least in the mommy blogging … [Read more...]

Frugal Blogs

Just a quick question for my readers:Do you read any frugal blogs or blogs about saving money? If so, would you leave a comment and tell me which ones are worth a look? Thanks! … [Read more...]



Jo-Lynn at Musings of a Housewife (one of the best blogs around, in my opinion) is hosting a blog carnival where you sum up your blogging throughout the year of 2009 by posting only the first sentence of the first post of each month. Sounds easier than trying to do a detailed recap of my whole year, so I'm joining in! If you'd care to join too, just click here.JANUARYI've … [Read more...]

Hi Ho Cherry O

Real Life is hosting the My Least Favorite Things carnival today and I am so happy to participate because there is really only ONE thing that I do not want my child to ever, ever, ever receive for Christmas...birthday....whenever. And yes, I am sorry to say it's a classic family board game. I present to you Hi Ho Cherry O. Whoever invented this obviously didn't have … [Read more...]