The Blogging Planner- Every Blogger’s Planner #blogging


If I had to sum up in one word what I love about blogging, that word would be “everything”.  I really do love the whole process of blogging.  I love writing, connecting with others, reading other blogs, reviewing products, meeting deadlines, and yes, even the stress it sometimes brings.  I’m in one of those stressful seasons of blogging at the moment, trying to … [Read more...]

Treating Winter Sickness With Little Remedies


Our house has struggled with colds and bronchitis this winter.  My son came down with a cold right around the holidays and I have had bouts with sinus infections and bronchitis since the first of the year.  Since I work in a school, I’m a diligent hand washer and user of hand sanitizer.  The last thing I want to do is have to pack us up on a cold day and sit for … [Read more...]

Amber Pumpkin- Natural Products For Baby

The past few months have brought little bundles of blessings to some of our extended family members.  It’s been fun shopping for just the right baby shower gifts and spoiling the new arrivals rotten.  Natural products for baby and mom make such great gifts and Amber Pumpkin carries a full line of eco-friendly products sure to be appreciated. Right after I had my own … [Read more...]

Britax Baby Travel Systems

One of the most fun things about preparing for the arrival of a baby is choosing all of the must-have equipment needed to care for it.  From baby beds to play yards, it’s fun to pick out all of these things, but it also requires comparison shopping and lots of homework to decide what will fit your needs best.  One of the most important investments you will make for … [Read more...]

Get The Facts On RSV


If you have a child under the age of 6 who spends time in a daycare or pre-school, they are at risk for increased exposure to germs and viruses.  If you have school-aged children, they may also be bringing home unwanted health issues into your home from school.  My son is 8 now, but I encourage him to wash his hands several times during the day, reminding him to not … [Read more...]

Watch LEGO® Videos On The Official LEGO® Channel- $1000 Gift Card Giveaway

Do you have a LEGO®-loving kid in your home? Our son became obsessed with them when he was around four years old. He will be eight on Sunday and I figured by now his obsession with those multi-colored bricks might be a memory at this point, but I was very wrong. He's even asking for more sets for his birthday.My son has been a long-time watcher of LEGO® videos on YouTube. … [Read more...]

Evolution Homeschool


If you’re thinking of homeschooling but aren’t quite sure which curriculum you should use, Evolution Homeschool is definitely worth checking out.  There are so many homeschooling curriculums on the market, which can make committing to one program a tough choice to make.  However, Evolution Homeschool combines the Classical, Montessori, and Unschooling approaches to … [Read more...]

Samsung ST76 Digital Camera


I love digital cameras simply because they have made taking and immediately sharing pictures so easy as compared to the cameras I grew up with where you inserted film and had to wait a week to get your pictures back.  I recently had the chance to try out the Samsung ST76 Digital Camera thanks to Staples.  I was really excited because I have been frustrated with my … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Swim With Konfidence

If you are a parent, introducing your child to swimming can be fun and a little scary all at once.  From the time my son was about a year old, he has loved swimming and playing in the water.  We started out with the standard kiddy pools until he was about six years old and then we joined our local recreational association that has a huge pool.  By that time he … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cakes From Shari’s Berries


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re looking for something sweet and decadent for the special people in your life, Shari’s Berries has such a great selection of treats that are sure to bring many smiles.  If you’re looking for unique cakes, chocolate hand-dipped strawberries, or even fun cake pops, this is your online one-stop shop for all things chocolate and … [Read more...]