All Eyes On Me

I was already “having a Monday”. The kind of Monday where it’s cold and raining, having to muster up as much get up and go as I could to make it through the day, topped off with the mother of all tantrums from E.B. while taking him to school this morning (and all over a […]

Hormel Game Day Party Package Review


Our Super Bowl party was made even yummier thanks to the great folks at Hormel. We were sent a Hormel Game Day Package to try out on Superbowl Sunday and I was so impressed with the quality and generosity! We received the following Hormel products to try: Hormel® chiliHormel® party trayHormel® pepperoniHormel® microwave-ready bacon/bacon toppingsHormel® […]

Clorox “I Don’t Want To Miss…” Blog Tour

E.B. was out sick all last week with croup and missed many, many fun things at school. Try as we might with washing our hands and my neurotic cleaning and wiping down of surfaces, eventually the “sickies” find our home and we just have to endure it. What would YOUR kids hate to miss out […]

Sick Children Make For Tiny Tyrants


Being taken care of when you’re sick is a wonderful thing. It helps to know that when you can’t do for yourself, someone is there to step in and make sure the house is kept clean, food is prepared for you (and the rest of the healthy ones), and that all you need to worry […]

Goby Create Your Own Adventure Review & AMEX Card Giveaway


I’ve found in the past that one of the most frustrating parts of planning a trip online is that there are just too many websites to choose from when gathering information. I recently tested out (successfully!) Goby while planning my son’s birthday trip and I can’t stop singing it’s praises! It was super fast (something […]

Poop On Croup

E.B woke up yesterday with a terrible sounding cough. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, and at first, I seriously thought it was our fat male cat Clyde hacking up a hairball. Yes, gross, I know. I can always tell when E.B. doesn’t feel well because he gets really quiet and slows […]

OxiClean Power Paks and Max Force Gel Stick Pre-Treater

If you’re already a big fan of OxiClean products, you will be excited to know that OxiClean has unveiled two new powerful stain-fighting products to help make preserving your clothes that much easier. The OxiClean Power Paks and Max Force Gel Stick Pre-Treater will be hitting store shelves in mid-February, but thanks to Mom Central […]