Beyond The Baby Book

I had the best of intentions when my son was born about documenting his life not only in his baby book but also through journaling. I have a cousin who has written many, many letters to her daughter since she was born. Those letters are going to be such a treasure to that little girl […]

Tis The Season For Holiday Toy Price Gouging

We’ve had out first close encounter of the holiday toy kind. Since before I became a parent, I swore I would never be *that* parent. Before I became a mom I saw what some of my friends went through trying desperately to find a hot holiday toy that their child wanted. I could never understand […]

Save The Oceans- Adopt A Sea Creature

Are you still looking for that gift for the person who has everything? How about a baby seal? Maybe a hammerhead shark? I’m sure they don’t have those, right? If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift that also helps a great cause, then please check into Adopt-A-Creature from Oceana. Oceana’s Adopt a Creature […]

A Wrinkle In Time

Ok, ladies. I need serious, serious help. Just in the last week I have noticed how severe the wrinkles on my face are getting, especially under my eyes. I have the usual “character lines” (as my dad calls them) around the sides of my eyes that are visible when I laugh or smile (or furrow […]

To Elf On The Shelf…Or Not?

Cracked Daddy and I were talking tonight about E.B.’s behavior of late. Getting back into the groove of school after being out for a whole week during the Thanksgiving holidays has resulted in some less than stellar reports from his teacher. She assures me lots of children have these adjustment problems. Or maybe she doesn’t […]

And Now Christmas Is Ruined

Tuesday night I sat with a packed house at our local performing arts center to watch my sweet baby in his school Christmas program. My mom and I sat with other parents, grandparents, and family members of these children anxiously awaiting to see our little darlings sing. And that’s when I heard a voice behind […]

K’NEX Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection

We love blocks in our home. They offer endless possibilities for play and keep my little guy happy for hours. We recently had the opportunity to try out the K’NEX Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection thanks to K’NEX and Team Mom. We received the Elmo set (these sets also come in Cookie Monster or Ernie) and […]