No Autographs, Please!


Today I get to play "celebrity for a day" at work. We're shooting our newest commercial for the bookstore and we've been crazy busy getting things ready for that. I always feel really awkward doing these stand around waiting for your turn, then the camera films you pretending to help a customer and then it's over. Probably 30 seconds when it's actually all … [Read more...]


Do you ever have one of those blogging days when you can't think of a single thing interesting to blog about? Well, that's my issue today. I could tell you that E.B. is doing majorly awesome with school, that I've been working my tail feathers off at the bookstore, that my house needs a major cleaning, and that it's raining but that's pretty boring. So I won't. Or did I … [Read more...]

Wounded: A Love Story


This week, theChristian Fiction Blog Allianceis introducingWounded: A Love StoryDavid C. Cook (September 2008)byClaudia Mair BurneyABOUT THE AUTHOR:Claudia is the author of the popular Ragamuffin Diva blog and the David C. Cook novel Zora and Nicky: A novel in Black And White. She is also the author of Death, Deceit, and Some Smooth Jazz, and the Amanda Bell Brown Mysteries and … [Read more...]

Political Smackdowns

american flag button

I promise I'm not going to make you read a blog post about my political views. I actually deleted a blog from my feed reader this week because I was sick of reading this particular blogger's political rants and why I was a complete idiot because I didn't feel the same as she did. It's a shame, too, since she *seemed* like she had all of her marbles. Then Sarah Palin made her … [Read more...]

Mama Needs Meals In Minutes


One thing I've vowed to do better about is my cooking. I'm not a fantastic cook and I don't get the opportunity to cook too often since E.B. and I eat with my parents most nights and Cracked Daddy travels so much. However, I know there will be some nights when E.B. and I just don't feel like venturing out once we get home and I need some great recipes. This is where I need your … [Read more...]

Attention Writers!

If you're interested in writing, please go and check out Field Report. This is a site where you can submit your true stories, or "field reports", and have a chance at winning some great monthly prizes! You can also get feedback from other members and do reviews. Field Report is a great way for nonfiction writers to get some writing practice and perhaps even walk away with … [Read more...]

Precious Girls Club Giveaway and Review


CONTEST IS NOW CLOSEDPrecious MomentsĀ®, the gift company known for their inspirational figurines and products, is launching a new product line and an interactive virtual world website for girls 4-8 years old called the Precious Girls Club.By visiting the Precious Girls Club virtual world, young girls will be able to create a profile and make friends, participate in fun online … [Read more...]

Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker


Can I show you THE cutest new food play toy I've ever seen? It's the JAKKS Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker. If you are just plain stumped for Christmas or birthday gifts, this is sure to be a hit! I can't think of very many little girls who don't enjoy cooking and helping out in the kitchen and now they can make their very own cupcakes with their very own cooking set.With the Girl … [Read more...]

Social Anxiety- Preschool Style


I'll take a dip into the shallow end and just go ahead and admit that along with worrying about how E.B. would adapt to preschool, I also worried whether he would make friends. I know, right? In preschool. But let's be honest; the thought of your own child quietly sitting by on the playground watching the others play breaks your heart, right? I was never a big joiner growing up … [Read more...]

Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary

Do you remember your first Cabbage Patch Kid? I do. Her name was Bevi Lee and she had long, thick orange braids. I had coveted a Cabbage Patch Kid doll since they first came out and receiving her for Christmas was like getting the Holy Grail of baby dolls.I also remember the frenzy that Cabbage Patch Kids caused the poor retailers. As soon as they hit the shelves, they were … [Read more...]