Simplify Your Holidays


Are you looking for a way to simplify the most stressful time of the year? Feeling like it’s impossible to keep up with all the demands of the coming holiday season? Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and author of Simplify Your Holidays, has found a way to change seasonal stress into intentional success! She believes everyone can find that calm and peace they are looking … [Read more...]

And It’s My Blogoversary!

I didn't want to miss posting today because today marks one whole year that I've been blogging. I remember when blogging became a big buzzword around the internet and at the time I had zero interest in it. I couldn't imagine what was so great about writing down your thoughts and letting other people read them. Then I started reading a few here and there and suddenly I was … [Read more...]

Waving My Little White Flag

OK, so I know things have been pretty dull in here as of late. And I know I am waaaay, waaay behind on visiting your blogs and commenting. I hope by this weekend things will be a little less hectic. I've been working longer hours and E.B. is having a really, really difficult week. And this is causing his mama major frustration and tears because this is an expensive disorder … [Read more...]

CFBA Tour- A Beautiful Fall


This week, theChristian Fiction Blog Allianceis introducing A Beautiful FallDavid C. Cook (October 2008)byChris CoppernollABOUT THE AUTHOR:Chris Coppernoll is the founder of Soul2Soul Ministries, with his interviews with Christian artists airing weekly on 650 radio outlets in thirty countries. He has conducted hundreds of interviews on faith issues with personalities such as … [Read more...]

Good, Clean Fun

rp_31TQJHo%2BJeL__SL500_AA250_.jpg kid won't get out of the tub. Especially since we recently introduced the new Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard to our nightly routine. This is a fun product developed by Spin Master that allows for tons of bubbly fun in the tub. The Bath Blizzard suctions on securely to the side of the tub and makes those bubble baths last extra long. E.B. loves it so much that … [Read more...]

Halloween At The Cracked House


The stomach virus has found it's way to the Cracked House this weekend. E.B. is fine so's me with the "issues". So on that note, I thought we'd venture back to happier times. Like last weekend when we decorated the house for Halloween.The first thing we did was make Pumpkin cookies. They come pre-cut and frozen. All I had to do was bake them. And they tasted … [Read more...]

In The Backyard


Will someone please tell me what the honk I am growing? These huge things have started sprouting on my lattice wall and I have never seen them before. It appears to be some kind of flower just waiting to bloom, but I don't have a green thumb and am pretty much clueless. … [Read more...]

That’s Just Scary.

I totally ripped this off from Lani's blog. She found this website Yearbook Yourself that lets you upload a picture of yourself and it transforms that picture to what you would look like from 1950-2000 in a yearbook. It was hilarious! Here I am (supposedly) through the years:1952:1956:19661976:1986:1996:And now I know what I would have looked like with a jheri curl. … [Read more...]