Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes


I’ve been researching online (and off) for the absolute best pair of tennis shoes I can afford that will make my feet feel like heaven, or at least offer way more support than my poor little New Balance’s are giving me at the moment. Being the ever so helpful website it is, Facebook offered me […]

Butterfly Kisses…Or Something Like That


Whenever my son picks something just for me out of the treasure chest at school for his good behavior, my heart just does a total flip flop, for two reasons. The first reason is that, “*sniff* Mah Baby loves me so much he picked something for ME when he could have picked anything he wanted!!! […]

Prilosec OTC – Everything You Do Without Heartburn

Have you ever asked yourself what you could be capable of doing if only you had the means to do it? What are you excited about? If you had the resources, what could you be doing in life to make a difference and fuel your passion? Prilosec is the official sponsor of the Everything You […]

Social Media Overdose- Bloggers Rehab?

Does anyone remember the dinosaur days when blogging was so simple? You blogged, you read and commented at other blogs, and you *might* have gone to a blogging convention, but that was pretty much the extent of blogging. It was easy enough to keep up with your favorite blogs and people because you probably had […]

Scooby-Doo! AbraCadabra-Doo Review & Giveaway


One cool thing about parenting is getting the rare chance to share something from my childhood that my son also grows to love, and Scooby Doo has definitely been one of those things E.B. and I can enjoy together. We recently received a copy of the new Scooby Doo DVD called AbraCadabraDoo and we enjoyed […]

Play Ball! ….Or Not.


Last week E.B. turned 5 years old and reached the “magic age”. He can now play park commission tee ball if we so desire to sign him up. I’m torn. PROS: This would be good physical activity for him. It would also be a chance for him to be around other kids his age. Of […]

Valentine’s Schmalentine’s


The older I get, I find myself crossing over to the “Valentine’s Day is just a commercial, made-up holiday with no real relevance other that to guilt people into buying something for their significant other because you kind of have to or risk looking like a clueless loser” camp. We weren’t going to make a […]