You’ve Got Questions…Part 2

Now it’s time for the second installment of You’ve Got Questions! I know, I know….try and contain your excitement. I cannot be held responsible for any coronary activity this post produces. No, seriously. Calm. Down. I kid. Trish asks….What CD are you listening to most right now? Well, my car doesn’t have a CD player. […]

So. What Brings YOU Here?

I’ve been looking over my Google Analytics reports and cracking up over what people search for that bring them to my blog. Here are just a few of the funnier ones: Big black naked mamas- Umm…nope, don’t believe you will be finding any of that here. But thanks for stopping in. Now run along with […]

You’ve Got Questions…Installment 1

I’m so glad you actually had some questions for me. I was afraid I might hear crickets chirping in that last blog post. I’ve decided to take the first few questions I have so far and answer them in this post. If you have anymore questions to ask, see this post. JanMary asks: OK – […]

Because I’m Just Fresh Out Of Ideas

Is there anything you’ve just been dying to ask me? I sometimes read blogs where people send in questions and the blog author answers the questions in a post. My brain just can’t think anything original this week…too much other stuff to really think deeply. And answering your questions would be FUN. So, fire away. […]

Well THIS Made My Day!

I just got a blog award! Mommy Confessions has presented me with this ultra cool blogging award and I feel so honored. She has a terrific blog (I love the design) and she picked me as one of her five to give an award to. And I get to pass it on! Upon winning this […]

Pink Floaties

Yesterday afternoon E.B. and I attended a pool party for a freind’s daughter’s birthday. I was hesitant to take E.B. at all. He can be very hard to manage sometimes and Cracked Daddy wasn’t home. I just knew if I took him I would be chasing him everywhere and scared to death because this is […]

Sunday Best

What is “Sunday Best”? Links to some of the coolest posts I’ve read in the blogosphere all week. Check these out: In a blogging funk? Are you caught up in the Mommy Blogger “stuff”? The best cry I have had all week.