Sunday Best

What is “Sunday Best”? Links to some of the coolest posts I’ve read in the blogosphere all week. Check these out: In a blogging funk? Are you caught up in the Mommy Blogger “stuff”? The best cry I have had all week.

What Happens When You Refuse To Paint Your SON’S Toenails…

I’m pretty sure I’ve told y’all before how EB is fascinated with my “red toes” (red pained toenails). Everytime I’m doing the pedicure thing this kid gets MAD because I won’t paint his toenails, too. Cracked Daddy would have a coronary if I did that, but we won’t tell him about the time I painted […]

And Another Thing…

If you read here regularly you probably recognize that I’ve changed my layout again, and I totally screwed up my blogroll in the process. If you’re not on there and you want to be, please leave me a comment in this post. Thanks! Love ya! BFF!!

Bad Commenter

There’s definitely one thing I envy about WordPress bloggers and that’s that they can reply by email to their commenters. I’ve been searching around Blogger for something similar and haven’t found it. I can’t tell you how cool it is to get a personal comment from a blogger I’ve left a comment for. Coast Rat […]

Wall-E Schmall-E

Last Saturday afternoon we took EB to see Wall-E. This was EB’s very first theater experience, so we were excited. OK, Cracked Daddy was excited…I was just nervous he was going to act a nut and disrupt people and then we’d have to leave and there goes $20-something dollars, not counting the cost of snacks. […]

I’m Over It

The blogging identity crisis, that is. I really, really, really, really, really a million times squared appreciate all the wonderful feedback you guys gave me. It was such a trivial question that you could have easily skipped on by, but you left me a comment and it warmed my little cracked heart. And I’m staying […]


Dear Bonnie, I don’t really blame you for climbing that tree Sunday afternoon. When I heard the neighbor’s HUGE dog let out a deafening “WOOF!”, I knew he had escaped his backyard. I also knew that you and Clyde were out enjoying the mosquitos, so I immediately panicked and went looking for ya’ll. Your brother […]