And Another Thing…

If you read here regularly you probably recognize that I’ve changed my layout again, and I totally screwed up my blogroll in the process. If you’re not on there and you want to be, please leave me a comment in this post. Thanks! Love ya! BFF!!

Bad Commenter

There’s definitely one thing I envy about WordPress bloggers and that’s that they can reply by email to their commenters. I’ve been searching around Blogger for something similar and haven’t found it. I can’t tell you how cool it is to get a personal comment from a blogger I’ve left a comment for. Coast Rat […]

Wall-E Schmall-E

Last Saturday afternoon we took EB to see Wall-E. This was EB’s very first theater experience, so we were excited. OK, Cracked Daddy was excited…I was just nervous he was going to act a nut and disrupt people and then we’d have to leave and there goes $20-something dollars, not counting the cost of snacks. […]

I’m Over It

The blogging identity crisis, that is. I really, really, really, really, really a million times squared appreciate all the wonderful feedback you guys gave me. It was such a trivial question that you could have easily skipped on by, but you left me a comment and it warmed my little cracked heart. And I’m staying […]


Dear Bonnie, I don’t really blame you for climbing that tree Sunday afternoon. When I heard the neighbor’s HUGE dog let out a deafening “WOOF!”, I knew he had escaped his backyard. I also knew that you and Clyde were out enjoying the mosquitos, so I immediately panicked and went looking for ya’ll. Your brother […]

A Blogger’s Identity Crisis.

I’ve been thinking way too much lately about the fact that there are several hundred blogs with the title “Mommy” in them. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I like to be different. Or is it difficult? Anyway….I was thinking I wanted a catchier blog title…something that could sum me up in […]

Sunday Best

So You Want To Grow A Garden? Dishpan Dribble can help get you started. Don Mills Diva makes good on a promise. June Cleaver Nirvana’s kids have designed the next big kids shoe. Really Bad Hair Day wants to know your freedom story.