5 Funny Snow Day School Closing Videos


Snow day!  While many of you who live in the Northern part of the US are probably very sick of the snow by now, we live for snow days that cancel school down South.  We know you seasoned winter bunnies laugh at us because it doesn’t take much to shut down the entire county.  I’ll even admit that, working in a school, I get excited over snow days as well.  We … [Read more...]

10 Rice Krispies Treats for Valentine’s Day


Looking for a different kind of sweet to make for friends and family this Valentine’s Day?  If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual cupcakes, candy, and chocolate-covered strawberries, consider making one of these sweet treats made from Rice Krispies!  They’re easy to form into the desired shapes you want and involve no cook time except for melting chocolate.  These … [Read more...]

Free Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable


Along with coloring pages, my students love word searches.  I often use these for theme-related centers we do in the library and use the words to teach vocabulary skills.  I also happen to believe that puzzles like this exercise the brain a little!  This printable Valentine’s Day word search is perfect for adding in a little fun and would be a great activity for … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Giveaway


Looking for a great gift for your special Valentine?  Do they love their music loud?  If so, look no further than the SOL REPUBLIC Punk Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. This small portable wireless speaker packs quite a sound punch and is rugged enough to handle your everyday use.  It also comes in seven beautiful colors, including Fluoro red, which is perfect for Valentine’s … [Read more...]

Free Valentine’s Day Be Mine Printable Color Page


If you have kids (or students), then color pages are a fun way to enjoy getting in a little creative time.  I don’t use them very often in my library, but usually around the holidays I give them one to put a little fun in the lesson.  They love them and constantly beg for more.  I’m so excited to be able to offer you this free printable Valentine’s Day coloring … [Read more...]

Celebrate Pets with Animal Themed Movies on Netflix #StreamTeam


I’m a cat person.  There’s nothing I love more than cuddling on the couch with our cats on a cold winter day.  Clyde and Pearl keep me on my toes (literally, thanks to Clyde’s 4 AM feeding requests) and they bring so much fun and joy to our home.  When my son was old enough to watch movies, one of our very favorites was Milo and Otis.  We watched this … [Read more...]

Get Game Day Ready with LTD Commodities- Review & $50 Gift Card Giveaway


It’s almost time for football’s biggest game day and LTD Commodities has everything you need to get game day ready! If your family is like ours and you gather with other family and friends to watch the big game, then you know that the food plays a big part in making this event so special. Thanks to a review opportunity from LTD Commodities, our family will be game day ready … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid of Dry Facial Skin


It doesn’t matter how cold it is in the winter or how hot it is in the summer, I always have dry facial skin.  I cannot tell you how many products I have tried (budget and very high end) to get rid of this problem.  I can tell you I have spent a small fortune with absolutely no results that were able to be maintained.  My problem areas were around my eyes, nose, and mouth.  I … [Read more...]

Keep Medications Locked Away Safely with LOCKMED #Giveaway

lockmed lockbox

Keeping our medications away and out of reach from our son has always been a big priority in my house.  He’s never expressed any interest in medicine and hates taking even a tiny does of cough syrup, but I would be fooling myself if I thought it might always be this way.  I can certainly hope he never experiments with prescription drugs, but these statistics from the LOCKMED … [Read more...]

School Reading Fair Projects 2014

brownie and pearl reading fair

December was a very busy month for me at work, so I am just now getting a chance to share a few of the reading fair projects from this school year.  The participation this year was just super and the students and their parents really enjoyed working together to create some fabulous boards that would entice anyone to want to read the books they chose for creating their … [Read more...]