Ring In the New Year with Netflix- Giveaway #StreamTeam


One activity our family really enjoyed in 2014 was catching up on movies and shows we love through Netflix Streaming.  Over the holidays we gorged ourselves on Christmas movies and really enjoyed the quality time we spent together doing so.  One exciting new series that has come to Netflix for the kids is All Hail King Julien, and my son has already watched each of the first … [Read more...]

Betty Crocker Holiday Gift Box Giveaway #GetYourBettyOn


One of my favorite Christmas traditions while growing up was baking Christmas cookies and making candies with my mom.  There were three specific old family recipes that we whipped up every year and we still do.   It’s a special time I look forward to spending with my mom and, although we try to include my son, more often than not he’s only interested in being our … [Read more...]

The Elf on the Shelf- Kippy is Here


So, yeah.  This happened.  Apparently our homemade Elf on the Shelf just wasn’t going to cut it this year.  The other night I was informed by my son (through tears, might I add) that he and one other child in his class were the only ones who didn’t have a real Elf on the Shelf.  Naturally, this melted my heart and I had to put in a special call to … [Read more...]

Celebrate Friendsgiving in November with Netflix #StreamTeam


Having and being a friend is such an important topic to discuss with children, and my wish for my son is that he will find the kind of friends that I made in school that are still my very closest friends to this day.  They were there for me, encouraged me, and almost always set a good example for me.  Almost.  I kid. *cough*  Check us out on graduation morning in all of our … [Read more...]

TGIF: Pizza And A Movie- Netflix #StreamTeam


It’s back to school time and that means early mornings, lots of homework, and busy days.  Getting back into the swing of the new school year definitely makes our family appreciate our weekends a little more.  After a long week at school and work, there’s nothing we love better than relaxing with a great movie and Netflix Streaming has been the source of our family … [Read more...]

Back to School Memories with Staples


I can remember my son’s very first day of school like it was yesterday.   We were so excited to have enrolled him in three year old kindergarten and he had such a great morning getting prepared before I took him to school.  He woke up without a fuss, ate his breakfast like a champ, and I helped him put on his little uniform.  We both did great at drop-off, … [Read more...]

Seasons of Change


It seems like it has been forever since I updated with a personal post, so I thought I would document some things here for posterity.  That, and my blog has become a real snore! I have a third grader now.  Here he is on his first day of school.  He is doing well and loves third grade!  He does not, however, love third grade homework.  I look at this picture and he looks … [Read more...]

Back to School- Teaching Your Kids Kindness & Acceptance with Netflix #StreamTeam


  If there is one value I have tried to instill in my son, it’s that he should always be kind.  Growing up in a culture where being cruel is often thought of as funny and cool, I want my son to know the difference and be accepting of others, no matter what their differences may be.  He’s only nine, but he’s already had a taste or two of having his feelings hurt because … [Read more...]

Avoid the Summer Brain Drain With Netflix #StreamTeam


  School may be out for summer, but that’s no excuse to let the learning stop.  Along with his summer reading assignments, our son is also learning more about the world around him by watching some really cool shows on Netflix.  So far, his favorite has been When We Left Earth, which explores the various NASA missions over the years.  He loves anything with space travel, … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Fun with “Moo-dy Summer Mania” and Borden Dairy


Hands down, one of the most popular children’s book series that flies off of the shelves in my library is Judy Moody by Megan McDonald. The Judy Moody book series, targeted at 6-9 year olds, is written about a feisty and independent-minded girl who finds herself in fun and adventurous scenarios in each individual book of the series.Judy Moody has more than 17.5 million books … [Read more...]