Change Your Clock-Change Your Battery-Energizer Giveaway


Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour last night?  We did, and our family enjoyed that extra hour of sleep!  I look forward to Daylight Savings Time being over because having more sunlight on those cold, winter work mornings seems to help me get moving better.  It’s also that time of year […]

Fall Library Bulletin Board


  I decided to go with an owl theme for my fall library bulletin board.  I had intentions of making this more of a night scenery behind the tree, but we were out of black paper at the school, so I went with purple.  I loved these cute little owls and think the purple did […]

WAT-AAH! Boo! Halloween Giveaway


If you’re getting excited about Halloween, you’ll definitely want to stay hydrated the healthy way while you’re out enjoying those Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.  In celebration of Halloween, WAT-AAH!, a functional brand of water for kids and teens, has unveiled a special design for its product using  the brand’s familiar character, the WAT-AAH! Boy, portrayed […]

5 Cool Bike Helmets for Boys

Kids have a different set of priorities than we do. When it comes to buying a helmet – they don’t really care about how safe it is – they just want something that looks cool. They’d probably prefer to not wear one at all, but we all know that’s not going to happen! As a […]

Bring Stories To Life With The PlayTown App For Kids


  One of the things I remember most about my childhood is just how much using my imagination entertained me nearly everyday.  From putting on backyard plays, dance recitals, and pretending to be a myriad of different people in different adventures, there was never a dull moment, even if I didn’t have anyone else to […]

How To Work Off A Pancake Breakfast


A couple of weekends ago, E.B. surprised us by suddenly wanting to enter the Kids Fun Run at our local OctoberFest.  He’s always been a pretty good runner, and I have begged him in the past to enter these fun runs, but he always turned me down.  All it took was seeing the other children […]

Cold & Flu Season- What Do You Use When You Have No Kleenex?


It’s that time of year again.  The time of year that none of us look forward to.  Cold and flu season is almost here and you may already be getting ready to do battle with these nasty, unwelcome visitors by stocking up on medicine, taking your flu shot, and avoiding crowded places.  If you’re like […]