No More Leftovers


Today is the first day of summer vacation for E.B. and I.  He’s been out of school for almost two weeks already, but Friday was my last day of work. Here we sit, side by side, still in our pajamas (with me sans makeup and hair pulled back) at noon.  He begged me to download a game on his computer and watch him play.  I did.  Although I have no idea about the point of … [Read more...]

Busy May Weekend


I rarely take off work unless I’m really sick or E.B. is sick, but I always set aside two personal days in May to attend a couple of events at E.B.’s school.  With this school year seeming much longer than usual, it felt great to leave work Thursday afternoon knowing I had an extra day to spend time with my family. Thursday evening we headed to Lost Pizza.  Not only does … [Read more...]

Eat It Or Wear It


What’s fun on a Tuesday night?  Going to Sonic for a hot fudge sundae.  Even better?  When your kid accidently dumps said hot fudge sundae in his lap, freaks out, and somehow gets it all over the backseat. Lucky for this kid, his daddy has a heart of gold and went back to Sonic and got him a new hot fudge sundae because the kid was really, really sad about not getting … [Read more...]



E.B. has a cough and his voice became really hoarse on Christmas Day.  I started feeling yucky Friday after a trip to the store.  I’ve lived in Mississippi long enough to know that my self-diagnosis of The Delta Crud was happening, so yesterday E.B. and I headed off to the doctor.  We had a 2 hour wait to be seen, so we took along our Kindle Fires and played … [Read more...]

The Day After Christmas


Another Christmas holiday is in the books.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our family and Santa was very, very good to E.B.  So good, in fact, that  it’s almost impossible to tear him away from all of his gifts.  Especially his new computer and headset for the Xbox. Today I am tackling a mountain of laundry and trying to clean up the house and find a … [Read more...]

How To Work Off A Pancake Breakfast


A couple of weekends ago, E.B. surprised us by suddenly wanting to enter the Kids Fun Run at our local OctoberFest.  He’s always been a pretty good runner, and I have begged him in the past to enter these fun runs, but he always turned me down.  All it took was seeing the other children lining up to get started.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too late to register and the run was … [Read more...]

The Patriotic Ring Bearer

Four years ago I made this post about how my son shined his behind in my cousin’s wedding.  Yesterday while cleaning out a drawer, I found the old camera it was recorded on and popped out the memory card to see if I could salvage the video.  It came right up, so I played around and edited it down to his performance. You needed a laugh, right? … [Read more...]

Batter Up!


I was never an organized sports kind of kid growing up.  I attempted to play t-ball for one season and was *that* kid who played short stop and did everything but stop a ball because I was in my own little world.  While running the bases once, my coach screamed, “GO HOME!!  GO HOME!!!!”.  Can you guess which direction I took off in?  Yep, I was headed … [Read more...]

Pettin’ Kitties


My parents have a whole family (plus more) of stray cats who suddenly started taking up residence in their neighborhood a couple of years ago.  There are about five of them that show up at their house morning, noon, and night for a meal.  I suppose it doesn’t help that we feed them.  In any case, there is one particular female who has been around for over a year … [Read more...]

A Memorable Weekend


We had so much goodness jam packed into this past weekend that I’m still trying to physically recover from it all.  My baby (baby!) turned 8.  He was three when I started this blog.  I miss that sweet little three year old, but I love the young man he is turning into.  Each stage of his life has been a learning one for him and my husband and I.  He is … [Read more...]