Annoying Facebook Posters


I’ll admit it.  I’m a bit of a Facebook addict.  I check it several times a day on my phone and often keep it open in a window on my computer while I work at home.  I can’t help it.  All of my friends and family are there and I want to know what’s going on in their world.  But then there are these people….and yes, they are friends.  Not close … [Read more...]

Noise Filtering


At some point this past week, it struck me how "noisey" my life is. Of course, working in a school, that's a given. But that's obvious noise. So is the is the radio in the car. The silent noise was what gave me pause, and mainly about the things I read online. The blogs I read...the posts on social networking sites. It seems as if it had suddenly become a … [Read more...]

How To Kill Your Business Using Social Media

Whether a business is large or small, interracting with consumers through social media outlets is one of the most relevant ways to take advantage of free advertising, connect with potential and current customers, and receive feedback on products and services.  When done properly and in moderation, this can yield successful results like sales, leads, and networking … [Read more...]

The Sanity-Saving Facebook “Hide” Option


I see many, many things on Facebook that annoy me on a daily basis.  Sure, we all have bad days and probably complain once or twice on our status updates.  I'm definitely guilty as charged on that one.  However, I have recently come across probably the most annoying personality trait ever on Facebook. It starts with someone sharing a little too much information.  Maybe they … [Read more...]

Farmville Addiction


When you leave notes by the computer to remind yourself when your crops will be ready to harvest, you might have a Farmville addiction.(These notes belong to my husband, who is on vacation this week and who recently got sucked into Farmville. Please pray for him.) … [Read more...]

Girl Goes Geek


I've written in the past about how slow I am to adapt to technology, but today I outdid myself and here is why I deserved the two slices of cheesecake I had today.I was already super annoyed by the fact that my laptop was missing a couple of keys (the darn things just pop off and hide, apparently) but to top it off, the space bar on the keyboard popped off and the spring … [Read more...]

Gamer Girl

mario game

Once upon a time, I used to belong to a parenting forum and some of the women on there actually admitted to playing online games like World of Warcraft and The Sims and things like that. I honestly never understood the appeal. I likened playing online video games to something teenaged computer geek boys did. And for crying out loud, where did they find the time to play games? … [Read more...]