Gallon Smashing

Yes, I could sit here all day long and debate whether or not this is criminal, and for the record, I do not condone or support this in any way, but all I can do is laugh until I cry.  The expressions of the bystanders are priceless!  The “squeaky shoes” part is where I absolutely […]

Funny Facebook Pictures


I will be spending my last weekend of summer freedom watching the playback videos of Duran Duran showing the world how it’s done in Hyde Park pre-Olympics, making sure all laundry is clean, gathering up my teaching/library supplies, and snuggling the heck out of my little guy.  I can’t believe the summer is over and […]

“I Got Bronchitis!!”

sweet brown

Oh, Lord Jesus…it’s a farr!!!”

Funny Keep Calm Posters

I love the very British Keep Calm and Carry On posters I’ve seen floating around the internet for a while now. Lately, I’ve been running across some funny Keep Calm posters on Pinterest. The Original Keep Calm and Carry On poster: Source: via Shakinah on Pinterest And then there are these…. Source: via […]

Christmas Humor


A few of the best funny Christmas pictures I’ve seen going viral on social networking sites. Enjoy!

Funny Animal Pictures- Sunday Funday

funny dogs

It’s Sunday, and I’m totally bummed out that I have to go back to work tomorrow after a whole week off for Thanksgiving holidays. Naturally, this calls for funny stuff, and lots of it!  

Random Funny Pictures


OK, so I can’t help but post these funny pictures when I see them on the internet.  It’s becoming sort of like an online scrapbook of the ones that really make me laugh.