It’s Not Too Late To Find The Perfect Halloween Costume #KmartHalloween

halloween collage

How does your family get ready for Halloween? In our home, we start by setting out some of our favorite seasonal decor. I like to "pretty up" our kitchen table. It just makes the whole room look much more inviting. We also find a great pumpkin. We found this one on my son's class field trip to a pumpkin farm. It is huge! Normally, my husband and son have the … [Read more...]

Body Parts


While going through my son’s Halloween candy haul, I came across this lovely offering he received.  My son was unsure of what it was, so I informed him it was a gummy ear, to which he replied, “Why would I want to eat that?”. Why, indeed! … [Read more...]

Halloween Cupcakes


Need a little inspiration for making beautiful Halloween cupcakes for your Halloween party?  These are almost too cute to eat! Spooky Webs Photo by tawest64 Witch Hats Photo by kristin_a Classic Halloween Sprinkles Photo by TheCulinaryGeek   Mummy Yummy! Photo by Maid Mirawyn Monster Mash Photo by … [Read more...]

There Goes October


We've had such a busy, busy month that I feel like I've just blinked and October has passed me right by.   In the next few days I plan on sharing some more personal posts about what our family has been up to this month.  Tonight we will be taking E.B. trick-or-treating.  Yes, on November 1.  Our city decided that since Halloween was on a Sunday this year that … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Fall Decor


  Just grab a random glass dish, insert orange votive candles, and generously apply candy corn. (Special thanks to my mom…this picture was taken at my parent’s house.) … [Read more...]

Cute Baby Halloween Costumes


My husband and I have had so much fun dressing up our son for Halloween each year since he's been born. My son was Superman (well, Superbaby) for his first Halloween and I can remember browsing online for hours in search of the perfect baby Halloween costume that was cute and unique. We're still undecided about a costume for this year, but I thought I'd share some adorable baby … [Read more...]

13 Unique Halloween Costumes

EB and I made it to the church Harvest Fest. We did see some cute Halloween costumes. Here's my favorite 13. 1. A baby doll. Complete with little Shirley Temple curls! She was a cutie! 2. A three month old ballerina. Awwwwwww. 3. A headless Darth Vader. LOL! 4. A pirate. And she was a girl! Rock on! 5. A bag of Dill Pickle Potato Chips!! Hee-hee! 6. A kid in … [Read more...]

Halloween Costume Crisis Solved


God bless my mother. She went to Gymboree today and found the perfect solution for our costume dilemma. I mentioned how Energizer Baby hates anything on his head and almost refused to wear his costume last year. We're making it simple this time. He's going to be a kid in Halloween pajamas! I figure next year he will understand about Halloween a little more, so this works for … [Read more...]

How To Choose A Halloween Costume


Guess who still hasn't purchased her child's Halloween costume? That would be me. I feel bad. I just have no idea what Energizer Baby should be. He isn't old enough to decide for himself yet. He hates anything on his head. It could be stifling hot or bitter cold Halloween night...we just don't ever know. I want him to be somthing original and cute but I don't want him to … [Read more...]

13 Halloween Costumes

For this Thursday 13, I made a list of Halloween costumes I hope I don't see this year. 1. Anything Star Wars. I'm over it. Unless it's a Storm Trooper. That's cool. 2. The Pea In The Pod. You know...the one you stuff your baby in. It's cute....I'm just jealous because MY baby pea was too big for one on his first Halloween. 3. Jason from Friday the 13th. 4. Ditto for … [Read more...]