The decoration is the letter of presentation of every home, and it is the perfect way to demonstrate our personality, regardless of whether the space we have is enormous or in their absence are rather small spaces. The important thing in the decoration of a home is not its size, what is important is that different touch we can give to our house that shows our way of being, which shows what we like. But we do not all have the same imagination, and that is why following some advice can help us to decorate in the best way that place where we spend most of our lives.

Kitchen decoration:The art of decorating depends on the taste of each one, in general, the kitchens tend to have relaxing colors and generate calm (blue, white), this can even have a positive impact on our way of cooking (some studies show that people enjoy more than they prepare if their kitchen is decorated with relaxing colors). It is advisable to give our kitchen a personal touch, something that can differentiate it from all the others.

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